History of haka

Traditionally, the Māori people of New Zealand performed haka to display a tribe’s pride, strength and unity.

The haka is commonly known as a war dance used to fire up warriors on the battlefield, but it’s also a customary way to celebrate, entertain, welcome, and challenge visiting tribes.

The very first New Zealand representative rugby team, known as The Natives, performed a haka during a tour of Britain and Australia in 1888-89.

The haka performed then, Ka Mate, is still performed by the All Blacks today.

Originally, the haka was only performed by the All Blacks when they played overseas. It wasn’t until 1986 that the haka was included in home matches.

From then on, the haka was taken more seriously by the All Blacks and performed with the precision, respect and passion that it is known for today.

Experience the All Blacks Haka

Learn the story, feel the passion and experience the All Blacks haka up close and personal. You will feel awe-inspired by the full force of the haka as the mighty All Blacks take to the field before your eyes to perform the traditional war dance. Understand and appreciate why the haka plays an integral role in physically and mentally preparing All Black teams for battle.

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