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What will be the top highlights of a visit to the All Blacks Experience?

1. New Zealand Culture 

Hear first hand from Ngāi Tahu the principal Māori iwi of the South Island and Tourism operator of All Blacks about our rich Māori culture expressed through whakatauki (Māori proverb), the story of Te Whatu the pounamu gifted to the All Blacks by Ngāi Tahu, face legend Buck Shelford as he explains the Haka in korowai (tradional Māori cloak) and feel the force of the Haka when you face it like an opponent.

2. The haka

Visitors will feel awe-inspired by the full force of the haka as it takes place centre stage in a crowded stadium. But this isn’t just any haka – it’s a four metre high screen experience that draws you in from the first moment. You will be a part of the jaw dropping, knee trembling event that is the haka!

3. Test Your Rugby Skills

Test out your rugby abilities with the chance to match your kicking, catching, line out and accuracy skills against All Blacks, Black Ferns and others. Experiencing how you stack up in our "hands on" interactive zone will leave you energised and excited. Who knows you may have an undiscovered talent.

4. New Zealand's Rugby Story

Immersing yourself in the history, culture and the people who have made the All Blacks and teams in black such an important part of the story of Aotearoa is not to be missed. You will learn how the game has become so closely tied to our national identity and follow the journey those skilled players make from club rugby to wearing the legendary Black jersey.

5. Legends of the Game

You will hear directly from past and present legends of the game, discovering the stories behind some of world rugby’s most well-known players, moments and matches. What stands out is the humility, humour and connection that exists between all that wear the black jersey.

6. Performing under pressure

Through the use of innovation and technology, you will get insights and direction from coaches and players to understand what it's like to perform under pressure in a high performance team. This truly is a full sensory and interactive experience where you work as a member of the team.


7. Saying Goodbye

We want everyone to take a piece of the All Black legend home with them. But not any old piece – take home your very own black jersey personalised with your name and number. It’s something very special!

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