The Rugby World Cup 2023 is finally here. The team is headed to France and now, more than ever, we can share our support, inspiration and energy.

It’s time to show the power of the #benchforall. That’s us. The extended bench. We’re all on it. We’re all part of it. Every supporter, whether you’re in the stands, at home, or anywhere else in the world. The bench makes all the difference. We make all the difference. 

We have a bench and we welcome you to take your selfies and record your videos. Located in our foyer, bring your whole whanau.


The bench is for supporting, belonging, celebration, commiseration, laughter, banter, waiata, a breather,
a rev up, inspiration, haka, courage, care, connection, consolation, and compassion. For all our supporters and all the moments shared together.

Together, backing the All Blacks to make us all proud. We're all on!